Mando Footloose

Not only a bicycle but a new way of life!

Mando Footloose offers freedom that can be enjoy by all demographics. Using throttle or pedaling, you can cruise up 21% hills effortlessly with a powerful, automatic dual winding motor. Pedaling also charges the battery, generating your own power. Depending on the market, the technology can be useed for dual riding mode (pedal and throttle). A deliberately simple human focused design, avoiding truss frames, sharp edges and CHAINS! It rolls-when-folded, so can be taken indoors, or used with car or train. Its series hybrid technology offers stylish fitness as well as fun, and freedom.



Principal features:


  1. Minimal & Contemporary
  2. Unique organic form
  3. Ergonomic & Friendly

Advanced automotive technologies:

  1. Chainless series hybrid system
  2. Generating power with Alternator
  3. Artificial intelligence gear shift
  4. ECU (Electronic control unit)

New experience:

  1. HMI with anti-theft system
  2. EASY & Quick folding & rolling


Winkonsulting & Mando Footloose work together to introduce this innovative product in the italian market.