After a considerable managerial experience in the operational and strategic management of some multinationals, at European and world level, with a propensity for the development of commercial networks, insertion of new products and marketing management, Alessandro Scapitta opens the WINKONSULTING BUSINESS STRATEGY in 2003 and, thanks in collaboration with the Rhiag group (now LKQ), it organizes the first marketing office for the search for IAM products of corresponding quality on the international territory to complete the ranges and services intended for distribution. This is how the ranges of crash products and bodywork accessories were born.

In the 4 years of collaboration, Winkonsulting has dedicated itself to relations with the Far-East, in management consultancy as C.E.O. or for new start-ups in the laser & o-led trade for safety on land and air mobility.

The collaborations follow one another both with industrial groups and with commercial groups mainly in the automotive trade with extensions in the fashion and beverage trade. Great satisfaction in obtaining goals also in China thanks to the collaboration with Sasseur and W.O.

Coperation with Sausseu

Coperation with Sausseu


We were the forerunners of bench-market assessments aimed at manufacturers and combined with the choice of the most strategic lines of the market, such as mechatronics and the introduction of brushless motors, brought to the OEM automotive after the experience of bike & folding bike application in sustainable mobility and in the use of peltier cells also in innovative sectors.

The collaborations with ELTEK and TECPOOL were of particular significance, through a series of important market acceptences, among which those made with Poirino’s Denso Thermal in the use of valves & brushless stand out. Our experience in the industrial, commercial and sales fields leads us today to be suppliers of the main national and international OEs and long-term collaborators in the trade of international IAM products, TIER 1 & 2 and the best European spare parts distributors. In addition to these collaborations, we are experimenting new relationships with large competitors and with the European insurance sector, to expand our databases and our IT application systems and to improve our knowledge that we have gained along the course of our business.


International Presence

We are specialists in customizing tailor-made commercial and strategic policies with profitable and immediate results, which allow our lean and flexible company a consolidated and recognized presence of commercial and economic satisfaction of our most diversified customers.