HyperloopTT’s passenger capsule arrives at the Toulouse test center. It weighs 5 tons and is 32 meters long

Hyperloop Transportation Technologies’ first passenger capsule has recently reached the test center in Toulouse, France, after a 1,500 km journey started in southern Spain from the headquarters of Airtificial, a partner of HyperloopTT. The trip lasted three days and was an exceptional transport in many ways. Footprint aside, this is one of the main components […]

Thus artificial intelligence is accelerating the development of faster, more efficient and more durable batteries

It is still early to give a sure answer, but the laboratories are already experimenting with algorithms that could help develop energy accumulators that are increasingly efficient, safe and quick to recharge. On the other hand, optimizing the efficiency and duration of lithium batteries is an essential objective, in the context of the transition towards […]

Eliko- Design lamp and diffuser of essence

Winkonsulting participated in the design of Eliko, a design lamp and a diffuser of essences. Eliko is a patented project that uses Peltier cells as a thermo couple to power an autonomous ventilation and lighting system, without the need for an electrical power supply and / or battery. Eliko can also be used as a […]