Climeworks, the Swiss CO2 extractor

Founded in 2017, the Zurich-based company Climeworks has developed large sensors capable of filtering the air and capturing carbon dioxide, and then placing it underground: a technology that is already giving results in the companies in which it is used. . The company’s ambitious goal is to eliminate 1% of global CO2 emissions by 2025. […]

BMW i Hydrogen NEXT: development continues

BMW, in its vision on the development of alternative propulsion systems, continues to focus on hydrogen fuel cell technology. Although the latter is not yet ripe for large-scale diffusion, BMW, which has collaborated with Toyota for the development of hydrogen since 2013 (both companies are members of the Hydrogen Council), believes that this technology will […]

Road test: Europe wants to tighten the rules

The European Parliament calls for stricter standards for road tests and votes against the compliance factor, a rule in the calculation of emissions that allows manufacturers to be able to count on wider meshes in terms of the NOx limits allowed for Euro 5 and Euro 6. According to the parliamentarians, by 2022 this factor […]

Mitsubishi leaves the European market

Mitsubishi would have decided to stop shipments to Europe of some models as early as next September: in particular, according to sources of Automotive News, the stop would concern the Outlander Phev, ASX and Eclipse Cross SUVs. The strategies of the House. The decision to block shipments to the Old Continent is linked to a […]