BMW, the future of mobility at CES 2020

BMW has chosen Ces in Las Vegas to present its concept of the future of mobility, starting from life on board and the importance of 5G technology arriving in 2021 with the iNext electric. Anticipating a scenario where level 5 autonomous driving will be a reality, that is without the help of man to manage […]

With automatic braking, rear-end collisions are down by 45%

Among the driver assistance systems, the so-called Adas (short for Advanced driver-assistance systems), automatic emergency braking is one of the most widespread: it has been widely offered for the last three or four years and is also standard in many city ​​car. There are various types, which act at city speed or even at high […]

Volkswagen Group: many billions for the conversion of factories

The Volkswagen Group is proceeding swiftly towards the conversion of several plants for the production of electric cars and is investing large sums in the necessary automation. As a result, the world’s largest carmaker has ordered around 2,200 robots to be used in the refurbished factories in Emden, Hannover and Chattanooga (in the US). Factories […]

Flying taxis arrive in France next year

The flying taxis will begin taking off in France from June 2021. Flight tests will be carried out at the Pontoise-Cormeilles-en-Vexin airport, northwest of Paris, ahead of the 2024 Olympic Games which will be held in the country. The start of operations was announced by a Paris Region press release, shared by the airport operator […]