Business Strategy

The goal of this activity is to help clients improve their marketing, their communications and strategic positioning of their services / products. We support companies in defining the roles and the purpose of developing strategies that turn these opportunities into profitable and feasible action plans.

OEM & OES Market

We facilitate and encourage the presentation of the Companies that want to provide the Original Equipment Manufacturer and we manage the introduction in the Automotive Trade. We assist, in your path taken to get your market acceptance and we intend to maintain relationships with car makers.

Manage Start-up & Devlop Business Plan

We support companies in creating business plans and operate as a team leader, development of start-up to promote investment and improve economic returns in the shortest possible time.

Market Research

We help companies to understand the market, joined in the study and analysis of areas of expertise in evaluating market potential, in the estimation of distribution coverage, the choice of sales channels and the best clients in the assessment of competition.


We work with our qualified staff in sales management at national and international level, alongside the existing structure, or creating it yourself. We offer performance-time managers, agents, representatives, sourcing or outsourcing.

E-business Projects

By partnering with companies in the ICT sector Winkonsulting is able to provide advice on the implementation of projects in e-Business solutions both for outward (through the development of solutions down the value chain ‘ company), and solutions facing inside (ie directed at optimizing the management of internal business processes).