HyperloopTT’s passenger capsule arrives at the Toulouse test center. It weighs 5 tons and is 32 meters long

Hyperloop Transportation Technologies’ first passenger capsule has recently reached the test center in Toulouse, France, after a 1,500 km journey started in southern Spain from the headquarters of Airtificial, a partner of HyperloopTT. The trip lasted three days and was an exceptional transport in many ways. Footprint aside, this is one of the main components of the futuristic Hyperloop transport system based on Maglev (magnetic levitation) technology and low pressure pipelines. It was initially conceived by Elon Musk, and subsequently carried out in the development and assembly by several competing startups.

The exceptional transport involved the so-called Quintero One. The capsule was made of a specially created composite material, which was given the name Vibranium, like the indestructible metal of the Marvel comics. The total length of the capsule is 32 meters, and according to sources, the internal length of the cabin is 15 meters. The total weight is five tons.

Given the technical difficulties that companies engaged in Hyperloop development are encountering, it is best to be cautious. We do not yet know the actual cruising speed of the system. Initially there was talk of “speed of sound”, but so far neither HyperloopTT nor the competitor Virgin Hyperloop One have held demonstrations with systems operating at this speed. Both companies have partnered with authorities around the world to conduct feasibility studies, and it appears the Middle East is the most promising area to start from. In Abu Dhabi, HyperloopTT plans to build a 10 km stretch, with an extension connecting it to the capital of the Emirates (Dubai), and later to Riyadh in Saudi Arabia. All that remains is to wait for the completion of the tests and the next updates.

Source: https://www.ilfattoquotidiano.it/2019/01/25/la-capsula-passeggeri-di-hyperlooptt-arriva-al-centro-di-test-di-tolosa-pesa-5-tonnellate-ed-e-lunga-32-metri/4923870/



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