BMW, the future of mobility at CES 2020

BMW has chosen Ces in Las Vegas to present its concept of the future of mobility, starting from life on board and the importance of 5G technology arriving in 2021 with the iNext electric. Anticipating a scenario where level 5 autonomous driving will be a reality, that is without the help of man to manage the car, BMW with the concept i Interaction Ease presents the interiors of the future equipped with large screens and without steering wheel. The passenger compartment of the BMW X7 ZeroG Lounger is innovative but already of real application, a model with seats that can be reclined up to 60 degrees to ensure maximum comfort on board. The third novelty is the fleet of 20 i3 Urban Suites on the streets of Las Vegas, a new electric concept that focuses on pleasure on board, inspired by design lounges.

A concept car dedicated to the interiors of the future. This is the first message transmitted by the BMW i Interaction Ease, a prototype that anticipates life on board in an era where autonomous driving will reach maximum automation. “The BMW i Interaction Ease demonstrates what mobility could look like in the future once autonomous driving becomes commonplace: luxurious, human and intuitive,” explains Adrian van Hooydonk, Senior Vice President BMW Group Design. “Passengers start their journey with the feeling that they have already arrived.” As a result, the interaction with the vehicle is made the simplest, most intuitive and, most importantly, human. To put this theory into practice, the BMW i Interaction EASE offers an intelligent combination of different operating modes starting from touch controls, from gestural controls to speaking with the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant. Moreover, the BMW i Interaction Ease, thanks to artificial intelligence, is able to follow and interpret the driver’s gaze.

The Panorama Head-Up Display that covers the entire width of the front windshield becomes a real user interface with augmented reality. Thanks to 5G connectivity the vehicle knows exactly where it is and can offer the user information about surrounding buildings, businesses and other objects as and when required. After automatically recognizing users, the system offers three different experiences called Explore, Entertain and Ease. In the first case it provides information on the places of interest around the vehicle, becoming a sort of 4.0 tourist guide. In the second, it obscures the side windows and transforms the car into a real cinema on four wheels.

The new BMW iNext, expected in mid-2021, will already be 5G enabled and will be a true preview among German premium brands. The iNext integrated SIM card will be used to provide 5G functionality, a solution that will allow customers to use the new technology even if they do not have the latest generation smartphones.

The new generation of 5G telematics components is being developed in a collaboration with Harman Samsung, with the German brand committed to implementing the technology with infotainment on board. The use of 5G will allow faster connection speeds (it will be possible to hold video conferences, watch films in 4K or play in the cloud for rear passengers), will improve services related to assisted driving and will become essential in case of level 3 autonomous driving.

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