Work in progress: What are the characteristics of the manager required by companies in post-Covid?

The manager director of the Kilpatrick Group, Human Research company, was interviewed by Eliana Sambrotta for the magazine Dirigente to give her opinion on the change that the world of work is facing following COVID-19:

“Managers do not have an instruction manual to manage this moment, but they are called to decide quickly on the basis of intuition, rather than on objective analysis and data. The market, right now, needs people who are able to research and pursue business solutions aimed at bringing concrete and lasting results. Managers are often asked to take unusual paths and help them find or create new opportunities. It is important to be able to read the market signals and interpret them to guide the company towards safer and more productive choices and often managers have to leave their comfort zone. Digital transformation, then, is no longer just a slogan or a thought, but it is the present and requires adequate skills. Managers are also required skills of flexibility and mental elasticity, resilience, responsibility, courage and proactivity. Finally, the hot topic of the moment is cashflow management and therefore the sensitivity to the number is fundamental to support entrepreneurs and boards. ”

The above, perfectly frames the know-how that Winkonsulting has been carrying out for years in collaboration with its customers.

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